Les Arrière-Mondes

The Company is working on a new production. Les Arrière-Mondes will see the light of day from the 23rd to the 27th February 2021 at the Théâtre les Tanneurs in Brussels.
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Postponed and cancelled performances (COVID-19)

The following tour dates have been postponed:

- 26-27th March 2021 °28-29th May 2020 / Whispers / Westflügel / Leipzig (Germany)
- 2nd April 2021 °14th April 2020 / The Great He-Goat / L'Odyssée / Périgueux (France)
- 9th April 2021 °26th January 2021 / The Great He-Goat / Le Rive Gauche / Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (France)
- 1st June 2021 °3rd June 2020 / Histoire de l'imposture / Festival Tours d'Horizon / Tours (France)
- 2nd July 2021 °26th June 2020 / The Great He-Goat /  Blickwechsel Festival / Magdeburg (Germany)
- 16-20th November 2021 °20-24th October 2020 / Les buveuses de café / Les Brigittines / Brussels (Belgium)

The following tour dates have been cancelled:

- 28-29th January 2021 / Vice Versa / L'Etincelle / Rouen (France)
- 29th April 2021 / The Great He-Goat / Equilibre/Nuithonie / Fribourg (Switzerland)

Die Geisterhand, the film

Antonin de Bemels has created a video out of the many ghost hand clips that have been sent to us following a call for participation that we published in reaction to the cancellation of the performances of Whispers at The Westflügel Theater in Leipzig. You can find the film in free access here.