The doubles

On the occasion of performances of Twin Houses  during the next edition of the Festival Tam Tam, Le Hangar - the choreographic center Éric Languet has invited Nicole Mossoux in September to lead a laboratory of 3 weeks based on the idea of doubles.
The 3rd, 4th and 5th of April Nicole Mossoux, assisted by Shantala Pèpe, will travel to La Réunion to audition for 12 participants (M/F), be they dancers, circus performers, puppeteers or  physically inclined actors.

During the three week lab, we will work on the delicate art of doubling. In itself, on stage, in movement and in action, the body is multiplied, between manipulation and presence, between "entering into the sound" and moving autonomously: on the stage, we are always at least two, the body that acts and the spirit that keeps watch...

For the opening of the Festival Tam Tam, the 9th October, the audience will be invited to witness the result of our work: an installation in a school courtyard, inspired by the Cosmic Orphans frescos of N.S. Harsha. The performance will move between two poles: the tranquility of sleep and the disorder of nightmares. With the following question as backdrop: In both hemispheres do we share the same dream archetypes?