In 2004 Générations was created as a choreographic installation for 12 dancers, most of whom are long-time collaborators. Modules of gesture that question the relation between the individual and the group were generated at this time.
We understand transmission as the weaving of a network – a rhizome as we like to say – which operates horizontally: the dancers share their gestural material with each other. Our role was to ensure dramaturgic coherence: a network that comes together and then comes apart, like an organism in permanent evolution, a mixing of diffracted temporalities, an overlapping of anachronistic stories.
At the same time the material remains intrinsically tied to the imagination and character of each performer: their main concern, after creating their personal ‘air’, is to get into the skin of the others, to momentarily melt into the other in order to generate variations or accompany them, to create accords and discord, all stemming from the original proposition.