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The Great He-Goat

Ten museum guards are phagocytised by Goya's "Pinturas Negras".


Alecto, Vice Versa, Alban & (At) the Crack of Dawn


A short piece in tribute to Jo Dekmine

A Taste of Poison

Five individuals set their minds on formatting persons as today’s society demands...


Sooner or later our family secrets will rise to the surface...

Histoire de l'imposture

We become our own con artists, impostors without history.

Les buveuses de café

Two elegant women are drinking coffee in the quiet comfort of a lounge.

Kefar Nahum

A world of objects to which we attribute a soul, human desires, animal impulses.


Juste Ciel #2002

Twenty short stories to be told at night before praying.


Seven ice skaters trace on the ice the map of our displacement, our upheavals, our internal exile.

Les corps magnétiques

Between humor and oddity, an allegory about the impossibility and necessity of community.


A conference that turns sour: instead of the expected discourse, the orator’s bones begin to articulate.

Nuit sur le monde

Theatre of fantasy and images, Nuit sur le monde is a triptych that evokes our relation to the ancestral, the contemporary and a hypothetical futur.


Three dancers and eight musicians through the music of Giacinto Scelsi.

Le corps et la mélancolie

Four couples trace the anatomy of melancholia.


The peregrinations of two plantigrades trying their hand at the art of dance, conceptual version...

Noli me tangere

Somewhere at the edge of the world, men and women tear themselves out of the shadows and away from the stone in which they were trapped.


In a metaphysical night-club atmosphere, two suspicious couples going over the images of birth and death.

À blanc

A figure of an anonymous woman who represents all the ambiguity present within war itself...


An installation in which twelve dancers form a web of gestures based on the manner of their transmission.

Light !

A hemeralopic show that contradicts, once and for all, our fear of the dark…and reconciles us with the obscurity that created us.


Our dreams of eternity, of communication with the heavens…materialized and dematerialized in a performance installation.


In the same ironic tone as a gruesome fairy tale, Hurricain is attempt at an identification of the self by men and women...

Les dernières hallucinations de Lucas Cranach l’Ancien

In an atmosphere dominated by humour and eroticism, this is an exploration of blurred attitudes, inspired by the world of the German painter.

Jonction Nord Midi

Twelve strangely familiar characters circulate through the corridors and staircases of a station — a public space.


A chaotic and troubling invocation from a feminine universe — a solitary being, held by a cord that both suspends and restricts her...

Simonetta Vespuccci (portrait, détails et perspective)

Vociferous escapees from the Renaissance, seven characters act out fantasies that suggest representations of ‘the self’.

Contre Saturne

Melancholia is to be found somewhere between death and desire. It’s a desire that is aware of its own mortality.


A three-episode serial loosely inspired by Michael Sowa’s tableau Die Letzten Stunden van Pompeji.

Les sœurs de Sardanapale

An encounter between Cie Mossoux-Bonté and Cie 4 Litres 12, about the stage recreation of the Delacroix tableau, The Death of Sardanapale.

Twin Houses

A multiple monologue that presents Nicole Mossoux and five articulate mannequins.

Rien de réel

How to introduce Russians today to modern Western society, with all its advertising, neo-liberalism, kitsch and seduction...

L'amour ce sera très froid

Three dishevelled judges, reluctant perpetrators of the shifts of the soul that we call vertigo or passion.


An inquiry into the reflection that modernity often likes to present: its concern for outward appearances and the importance attributed to the body.

Les dernières hallucinations de Lucas Cranach l’Ancien - version 1 et 2

In an atmosphere dominated by humour and eroticism, this is an exploration of blurred attitudes, inspired by the world of the German painter.

Les petites morts

How to give flesh to obsessions of nourishment and self-restraint?as if all the motions of eating distracted us from other hungers, other desires.

La dernière tentation

The intrusion of a living being amongst the dead – the expectation of an improbable revelation born of this strange encounter.

Juste Ciel

Twenty short stories to be told at night before praying.