Four performers share a naked stage, in a series of danced short stories that each develop a particular universe: a throbbing duo of accomplices, a gorgon emerging from the night, a flower-man with carnivorous tentacles, three errant shadows looking to fill their unfailing solitude.

The subject matter at stake differentiates between these scores, but all four essentially revolve around the choreographic language and the musicality of the movement. The brief as an exercise engaging to the conciseness, the stripping bare and the simplicity of the form.

Vice Versa (Miniature 1)
Alban (Miniature 2)
Alecto (Miniature 3)
(At) the Crack of Dawn (Miniature 4)


These four short forms can be presented together or travel separately, independently from the others. Whereas Vice Versa (2016) and Alban (2017) have already been touring in Belgium, Germany, France and Canada, Alecto and (At) the Crack of Dawn have premiered in October 2018.